Once upon a time there was an old lady who got a letter from his son, who was a solider. she didn't know how to read so she asked a warrior who was passing by to read the letter. 
He held the letter in his hand and started crying  moments later. the poor women thought something very bad must have happened to his son and asked him "what happened Mr. warrior ? why r u crying?" .but the warrior only cried more. she began crying too.
Some time later  a peddler came by when he he saw the two crying in chorus he joined them and started crying too.
next a man came and seeing them crying in unison he asked"why r u crying? whats the matter?"
the peddler was first to answer."jst a year ago i set out to sell some earthen-wares and bad luck fell upon me. i broke all of the merchandise. i wanted to cry then but  had to postpone it as i was very busy making up for the, i saw these two crying and suddenly remembered that i hadn't cried yet so i decided to do so now. THATS WHY I CRY."  
then the old women said" i got a letter from ny son and when i asked the warrior to read it he began crying. it must b some sad news that the letter brings. THATS WHY I CRY."
at last the warrior said" to tell the truth , i read so little in my young days that i cannot read this letter. i m so ashamed of myself. THATS WHY I CRY."
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