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Rabindranath Tagore as he was Mini's farther he used to love his daughter very much.When he used to see mini and kabuliwala is heart was aching by seeing their friendship.But when Mini's mother used to speak about kidnapping he used to get little bit scared.He used to protect mini in every situtation.
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In the short story ' The kabuliwala'- Kabuliwala's daughter who is very far in afghanistan, grows up without her father around her. And even though he could not be with his daughter, she was always there in his mind. He carries an impression of his small daughter' palm in his pocket as memory.
Mini's father that is the narrator's love for his daughter is potrayed very passionately as he listens to Mini very patiently. When she grows up, the distance between the daughter and the father increases, but that does not mean he does not have affection towards her. When Mini is about to get married, the narrator becomes very melancholic.

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