I am not sure if this question comes under physics.
When police men or investigators bring a few suspects they enquire them and leave them in a room with a big mirror.
The man inside the room will be able to see his reflection in the mirror but the people out side the room will be able to see the actions of the person inside the room through the mirror.
How is it possible?
When ever I see such a scene in movies i will be amazed and surprised.
I want the exact answer.




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Of Course this question is relevant to Physics and Optics.

The glass pane is coated about 50% with silver coating material, to reflect light towards the interrogation room. There is a bright light lit in the interrogation room. The secret room is not lit. The light reflected from the glass is so much that one cannot see through and one sees the reflected rays (image). Light rays passing through 50% coating are seen by police in the secret room.

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