C is a procedural language. Where as java is a non procedural language. Java is more complex and consists of classes and objects.

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Both C and Java are high level level languages. C language is called a procedural language.  Java is an Object oriented language.

In c language, one write a program in terms of a main function, which calls other functions and finally the program control is managed to achieve the objective of the program.  It may take more amount of time to  write very big programs and perfect them, because errors in design are possible. some program errors (sematic) may not be detected earlier. One can improve quality by doing  a modular design.

In object oriented languages, the thinking of the solution is more natural to realistic solution. One models a program in terms of an object (class), its methods (functions) and its data (properties). A lot of type checking is done. Programs written is java cannot be affected by virus. Use of programs written by others is simpler than in case of procedural languages.

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