Alien in my bedroom
   There was a girl named Ananya. She had a beautiful bedroom. Her ambition is to become a astronaut. Her room was like space with wallpapers of universe, galaxies, solar system, asteroids and satellites. She also had a statue of an alien.
   One day an alien landed in her garden and entered her room. It entered her room. It was night. She was sleeping. The alien too stayed in her room and slept. Next day, when ananya woke up she saw the alien and was surprised. She wondered
"An alien, in my room!!". The alien spoke to her. Alien said " Hi! I am swertixd. What is your name?" Ananya said" Ehhhh! My!!!!! My, my name is Ananya". Swertixd said " Fine. This place is like space. Is this a space?" Ananya answered"No it is not space."
   Swertixd said" It really looks like a space. I miss my home" Ananya asked " Do you want any help?" Swertixd said" Yes. Could you help me reach my home?" Ananya said" What should i do to help you?" Swertixd said"My spaceship is repaired. Can help me repair it ?" Ananya said" Yes! I could. I know all about spacecraft. Suddenly, Ananya's mother called her. But Ananya said" Mom, I'll come later." Then Ananya helped Swertixd. Before going home Swertixd gifted Ananya a phone in which she could contact Swertixd. Swertixd flew to space.
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Once upon a time when iam in my bedroom i heard one horrible sound from outside .i looked out t know what happend there.suddenly one unknown organism rushed in to my room. i scared a lot .that is the alien from another planet it came.
it is very small story but it is real fact when we saw an alein
Hanica, please increase the story's length. It is looking like incomplete.