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Antonie van leeuwenhoek-discovered bacteria
Robert hooke
Matthias schleiden
Rudolf virchow
Theodor schwann
some of the scientists
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robert hooke cell
Matthias Jakob Schleiden, a German botanist, concluded that all plant tissues are composed of cells and that an embryonic plant arose from a single cell. He declared that the cell is the basic building block of all plant matter. This statement of Schleiden was the first generalizations concerning cells
Theodor Schwann, a German biologist, reached the same conclusion as Schleiden about animal tissue being composed of cells, ending speculations that plants and animals were fundamentally different in structure. Schwann described cellular strucures in animal cartilage (rigid extracellular matrix). He pulled existing observations together into theory that stated: 1. Cells are organisms and all organisms consist of one or more cells. 2. The cell is the basic unit of structure for all organisms a
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