A 90cm long wire of mass 50g carries a current 10A and is placed over two parallel rails. a mangnetic field of magnitude 0.3T acts perpendicular to the length of the wire. under the action of magnetic force , it starts from rest. What will be the speed of the wire after travelling a distance of 10cm?




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Force on the long wire = i l X B  = 10 A 0.90m 0.3 T = 2.7 Newtons

Acceleration = 2.7N/0.050 kg  = 54 m/sec²  in the direction perpendicular to length of wire.

V² = 0² + 2 * 54 m/sec² * 0.10 m = 10.8 m²/s²

V = 3.286 m/s

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