Rainy season or monsoon season is a very beautiful and a season of freshness when lots of raindrops fall on the surface of the Earth everyone become happy and also the Earth feels happiness .In this season farmers are happy because their farms are full with crops ,sea animals are happy because they have enough water in seas and in all water bodies ,children are too happy while bathing and playing in the rain and they sail their paper boats in the rain water ,everyone is happy when rainy season comes ,weather is very nice. The season of happiness when all trees and plants get water. And the best fact that I know about this season is that the people who love eating fried food or street food are very happy because in a rainy season people love eating street foods like in India -samosa ,pakoda etc. The air is fresh and the nature blooms with happiness the scene can't be explain it just can be enjoyed.
The places that are very dry that places and there people become too happy when their land get rain water .And because of these reasons this season has become as my favorite seasons .

hope it helps :D ,and is enough but if u want more then please tell :D