Urban areas have good roads ,electricity ,medical facilities ,educational systems ,various type of job possibilities administrative authorities ,road and train links etc. People of this area have all good facilities and their lives are comfortable. There are also good markets ,shopping centers ,malls ,cinema halls ,plaza etc. All good facilities are provided and all good and new items you can get in these areas.

Rural areas are also known as villages .These areas do not have good roads ,schools ,good jobs facilities ,good hospitals nothing. There is water shortage and electricity shortage .People of this areas' life is very difficult.
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Urban Areas are defined by faster lifestyle, increased technology and high population density. Rural Areas are defined by small tight knit community, with lack of technology and resources. 
Urban areas are characterized by having higher population density and vast human features compared to the surrounding areas. Cities, towns are commonly referred to as urban areas. It must also have ongoing urbanization for further development. Metropolitan cities, which include satellite cities, are also considered as urban places. Urban areas have also been characterized by high amounts of pollution (noise and air), large-scale industrialization and faster lifestyles. Pollution in urban areas are high due to the large amount of people, cars, buses, train, factories etc. Industrialization includes factories, machines and offices. It also has a higher employment rate compared to rural areas. Lifestyle in urban areas is considered to be fast paced, where time for little things are not enjoyed. 

Rural areas are characterized with having small, tight-knit communities. Ever seen those shows, where everyone knows everyone else, well that’s a rural community. Villages or small towns are considered to be rural areas. People know each other and are neighbors, friends, etc. Rural areas are classified according their small population and having farming abilities. Many people in rural areas are considered to be farmers. Rural areas are more dependent on natural resources and organic materials. They have small stores and family run business, compared to the big supermarkets in urban areas. Many governments have also taken an active part in trying to further urbanize more rural areas and provide extra help in forms of technology, medical and other resources. Rural areas are more community based people and depend on social gatherings and other similar events. Rural places also have pollution due to lack of large factories.