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These some useful applications where the third law is used.

1. Swimmer in a swimming pool :  he/she pushes the water backwards with
and legs and he/she moves forward with the force given by water.
2. While running a runner pushes the ground hard towards back, so ground
an equal force on him accelerating him in forward direction.
3. If some one walks on a boat which is still on a river, then the man moves
and the boat moves backwards.
4. If a pistol is fired, the bullet moves forward and the gun recoils back.
5. One player kicks a hard ball with some force, the ball goes in forward
The ball exerts force on the leg of the player. The leg
         pains/hurts due to the

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1) Consider a boatman rowing a boat. While rowing the boat, the boatman pushes the water backwards with his oar, and the boat is propelled forward due to the water pushing the boat forward.
Pushing against a wall, and the wall is pushing back on you.
When you sit in a chair, the force of gravity is balanced by the force of the chair pushing up.
4) R
ocket can be launched into space because the hot gases from it are being propelled downward from the rocket, causing the rocket to move upward with equal force.
When the bat hits the ball, the ball hits the bat. 
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