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Electric motor is one device which converts incoming electrical energy into mechanical - rotational energy.  - like pump to pull water out of a well.
Electric generator converts mechanical energy of a rotating machines into electric energy.

Both of these contain essentially two main parts, in their simplest form: Rotor and generator.
They contain almost the same parts.

AC Generator:
1. Stator: This is the stationary part.  This has strong permanent magnets
2. Rotor:  This rotates. it has a rotating shaft (axle), slip rings, carbon brushes,
         Armature coil, connection to external circuit (load).
3. Air gap between the magnets.

AC motor:
1. Stator : permanent magnets, bearings, strong thick metallic case
2. Rotor: commutator - rotating coil (copper / Graphite), (armature), metal sheet
     laminations around which the coil is wound. rotating shaft,
3. Air gap:
4  carbon brush, end cap
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1) Control panel
2) Armature coils
3) Cooling systems
4) Commutator
5) Voltage regulator
6) Axle
7) Field magnet
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