God is an imaginary person for pepoles. we think that god helps us he or she was in the satyug . if we will pray him he will help us it is just imagination.if any one helps us then he is god,for example teachers.
Yes.he/she is our imagination.
God is everything ! god exists or don't exist , it depends upon ur believe .....if u believe that god exists then he does . He's nothing but our strong belief . He's just out support and confidence to us to do anything !
and ya ! One can become god if they r desire less ....they say that if u got any desire then ul take birth again when u die.....but god means no shape no body it's just a good soul ! So u can become god if u don't hav any kinda wishes n if ur so good enough ! Ok ! Lol
Well I don't think he's our imagination !
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God is  the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority.It's our imagination.Anyone can became god if he or she helps everyone,teaches good manners,loves everyone.For example our parents the are also god for us.

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I don't think God is.really God is not.its our imagination.
yes it's our imagination
so wht????