A good character leads a good background. It is a basic need of today's career fields. Suppose, you become a doctor then more patients will come to you when they will know about your good background. As like as if you became a teacher, students will respect you if you have a good background.
No it's not bout that background.....u know it's like bout ! Family background ! Like if ur from a good family like ur son of MLA then no matter if u got the talent or not they'll give u job ! Like that...did u get me ?
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"Family background factors found to be associated with career development include parent' s socioeconomic status (SES), their educational level, and biogenetic factors such as physical size, gender, ability, and temperament" (Penick and Jepsen 1992, p. 208). In a study of the influences on adolescents' vocational development reported by Mortimer et al. (1992), the variable that had the most effect on educational plans and occupational aspirations was parental education.Family income is another aspect of family background that influences in the the career development of youth, especially for girls (Mortimer et al. 1992). One reason for this may be that families with limited economic resources tend to direct them first to the males of the family, giving less hope and encouragement for further education to the daughters in the family. Also, some parents--especially working class or lower-income parents--may hold values that place girls in the homemaker role and reflect less emphasis on occupational preparation (ibid.). Given this disposition, it is understandable that the self-efficacy of girls with respect to career opportunities is linked to the economic support they can expect to receive from their parents.
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