Resource conservation is important because they are depleting at a very enormous speed and if end completely..the survival of mankind will not last all of us are dependent upon them greatly.
In todays world, Resources are getting diminished at every second.
There are Two reasons of this

1: Usage of the resources is very High.
2:People Waste these resources.

Well first we will take the First reason:- Usage of resources is very High.
-> Well, nowadays people use certain resources very much eg:- Petrol, Diesel Etc.
These are resources which cannot get replenished or get renewed. Such resources are known as Potential resources.

Now, we'll take the second reason, People waste these resources
-> Here also, i'll take the example of petrol, if we waste petrol by using it in the same way we use it now there would be a day when we'll not have a single drop of petrol.
And, to prevent this to happen we need to so conserving are resources, If we take the example of petrol, we can conserve it by turning our Car's Engine off while We are stuck in Some traffic Jam or red light.
By doing this we refer to resource conservation.