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Real image can be caught on a screen. But virtual cannot be caught so real image is formed due to convergence of rays but in case of virtual there are only diverging rays and so they appear to diverge from one point where virtual image is located , but both real and virtual could be seen by human eyes.Same way real object would definitely give out diverging rays,but virtual object is considered as converging rays are assumed to come from such virtual object.
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real images can be caught on a screen but virtual images cant be caught ona screen.images on aplane mirror is virtual but on aconcave mirror is real. real image is taken as +ve and virtual images is taken as -ve

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A real image is displayed on a screen like a picture in a movie theater. Usually with concave mirror and convex lens the real image is formed inverted - upside down. 

The real image is actually formed where the rays emanating from each point on the object converge after reflection or refraction, and meet at one point on the image.

Virtual image is formed when the rays from each point appear to diverge from a point, after reflection or refraction. Actually, in reality, there is no picture formed. Our mind and eyes imagine the image to be there.

In sign conventions, real image has negative magnification and virtual image has a positive magnification.

Virtual image is erect or upright and real image is inverted.

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