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Education is a very important part of our life.every parents wants his or her child to helps us to make a good career of also helps in making the society more advanced.we can earn money by doing jobs to survive on this world.but there are also adverse effects of education and they are a lot of pressure o children which does nos not allows us to go to a trip or enjoy ourselves.the parents have word hard and look after the children.they have to bring all the neccessary materials which we need for education like books and copies.there are many children who fall sick because of studying pressure .so the teachers should teach more in the class and give less homework.
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Education is the birthright of each and every child on this planet. Education is free to be accepted by all groups of people small or old irrespective of their caste,creed,color, etc. It helps a person gain knowledge to prove that he is not a fool. However it has some disadvantages also.
Suicide : Most age groups of children, especially teenagers are committing suicide due to overloaded with pressure from books.
Atomic Explosions : Man had not learnt how to create things which are helpful but as time advanced man learnt almost anything and everything. Due to this knowledge of everything of man had put the world in trouble. Due to education received by some scientists they had invented a nuclear atomic bomb which was exploded over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.
So we say everything in his world has advantages and disadvantages so education has advantage but a slight more disadvantage.  

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