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‘To thine own self be true’ is a line mentioned by William Shakespeare. It means to remain true to yourself.
Truthfulness is the basic quality of life. It also determines the character of a person. Many persons make mistakes however some are strong enough to face it and confess. Sometimes people are scared of the consequences or outcome of their mistakes and keep it to themselves. In this way they are cheated and hurt from inside by their conscience.
A person who remains true to himself/herself always leads a life of happiness and satisfaction because they know they have committed mistakes and are pardoned for that. If he/she doesn't confess then it remains as a burden on their heart and they will never be good enough to get rid of it.
If anyone does not remain true in his talks then it is considered bad. There is a famous saying, ”One who remains true to himself, his mistakes shall be pardoned”.  If a person remains true to himself/herself it prevents him/her from committing any mistakes in day after and if he doesn't then the conscience will keep on realizing them and will not let their mind rest at peace. 
Every one living in the world has its own thoughts and hopes. these can only be fulfilled if we are true to ourselves.we should never cheat anything instead always try to create something new of our own.These thoughts and hopes are different from the thoughts and hopes of another people. These thoughts and hopes are of different types.. There is no one in the world who has not yet thought of doing something of his or her own. Every person in the world has surely thought of creating something new  at least once in his or her life.
These thoughts  are really amazing. They may be anything. We may think of being  of a doctor, a singer, a swimmer, an athlete , an inventor  or anything. These thoughts  are just endless. We even can’t control ourselves from thinking of these thoughts and hopes. They are not under our control. These thoughts  show us the path which we should follow to proceed in our life.   When we think of such a thought, we actually get a good reason to live our life. After think of these dreams  we start our new journey towards our thoughts. These journeys are really amazing. These journeys are not as easy as it look like.     

 It has a number of obstacles in its path. It is we who have to overcome these obstacles and continue our journey by honesty and truthfulness. Sometimes our parents think that our decision is wrong and it is the path which will lead us to hell. It is we who have to convince them and make them realize that we are not wrong; the decision will surely lead us to heaven.we should be kind to everyone and try to compete in a fair manner so that there is no cheating.the people who are truthful to them are living a happy life and the people are are not so are never satisfied and are always tensed.

For all these things we need to have self confidence as well as trust in our selves. If we have trust in our selves then no one can ever defeat us. So as a fact we should never stop instead continue fulfilling our amazing thoughts. being true to ourself is the only way to achieve all our requirements and we will surely be rewarded for this.we should always try to work hard and do what is correct and always speak the truth and before all these we surely need to be truth to ourselves.