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we ourself are the whole world we  like to be self dependant and dont like to  depend depend on others this line is not said by by anyone but we ourself say this to ourself . no one in this world is perfect but they should try to  be . in case of two people - i and u, i think that the way u are talking to me is incorrect and u think that the way i am talking to you is incorrect but we think that we are talking correct to other . this proves that no one is perfect in others point of view but all are perfect in their own point of view so try to be perfect in others point of not our owns .
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We all depend on us.this is important if we are dependent on others. We'll never live our life.If we not study we'll be illiterate, we stand on our legs.that nobody can harm us or our relatives.we have to study that we can be successful. "WE SUCCESS, WE WIN".
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