X-rays are neutral i.e.,they have no charge.Hence they do not get deflected in E-field and magnetic field.
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Alpha rays consist of positively charged particles traveling at a high speed. Beta rays consist of negatively charged particles traveling at a high speed.

Electric field and magnetic field affect a moving charged particle, by exerting a force on them. That force is due to the presence of charge on the particle.

Gamma rays and X rays are electromagnetic radiation waves that are considered to be consisting of photons - that contain just energy - no charge.

So they are not affected or deflected.

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but i read that X-ray produces ,when cathod ray strik on hevy metal
u r right. it s right. heavy metal like tungston
so, can electron get into tunguston?
well, when u visit a diagnostics lab for an x ray - u have probably have tungston there in the machine