A person standing near the edge of the top of a building throws two balls A and B. The ball A is thrown vertically upward and B is thrown vertically downward with the same speed. The ball A hits the ground with a speed V1 and the ball B hits the ground with a speed V2. We have,
V1 < V2 or V1 = V2

( answer should come V1 = V2 )




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the ball A thrown upwards: let us say is thrown with speed u upwards.
height it reaches = h 
then  v² = u²  + 2 a s    =>  0 = u²  - 2 g h    => u = √(2gh)

When the ball reaches the same point h, on the way down it will have a speed :
 v² = 0 + 2 g h  => v = √(2gh)

So the speeds of A and B will be same when they reach the ground, as they travel the same distance.

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