Rainy season or a monsoon season ,what a beautiful season. When rain drops touches the ground Earth becomes happy ,not only Earth everyone become happy. This season is specially more beautiful for children because they love playing in the rain ,they make paper boats and they love enjoying the scene .Amazing scene when there is a different and a smell full of freshness ,the leaves look wonderful when raindrops fall on them ,wow! that scene can't be explain it just can be enjoyed .....And it is also very special season for the people that love eating fried ,spicy in short, street foods ,because the real taste of street food is enjoyed in this season ,while watching the rain people eat that street food in India -samosa ,pakoda ,jalebi delicious i just love eating all these things .Nature is also happy when rain fall on them, the natural shower .........In this season adults also become children and they also start playing in the rain ,forgetting their all tensions and problems for some .So in short ,rainy season is a very beautiful and lovely season and its my favourite season.
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The Monsoons in India had another wonderful nuance. Many men, travelling away from their homes as army-men or businessmen, returned home when the skies became heavy with rain and were reunited with their waiting wives or lovers! The joyful yearning of romance after long separations, the meeting of lovers under umbrellas on dark, rainy nights and their clandestine trysts in thunder-lit forests – all these were themes of songs in classical as well as folk literature and were sung to specific melodies or Ragas, woven with specific notes.

Rain and the magical season of Monsoon have always been the throbbing heart of Indian life and culture. Whether we are talking about music – classical, folk as well as devotional – dance, painting or sculpture, rains and their incessant music are a recurring theme in India’s many-splendoured art treasure, and not without excellent reason! It is well-known that India’s entire economy depends upon the timely coming of the Monsoons.