the nazi ideology was similar to that of hitler's opinion as both were based on beliefs and practises
⇒hitler's ideology was based on racial heirarchy
⇒he considered the blue eyed nordic aryans to be the highest race while he considered the jews to be the lowest race
⇒he collected his ideas from two political thinkers namey charles darwin and herbert spencer.charles's ideas were based on natural selection of plants and animals while spencer quoted the survival of the fittest idea.
⇒hilter interpreted these ideas in his argument.
⇒according to him the argument was simple:the strongest race would survive and the weak one would perish
⇒in his point of view the aryans were the strongest race while the jews were the weak ones
⇒he introduced a concept called lebensraum or living space.according to this hilter wanted to expand his territory to acquire new areas for settlement of germans