Media is very important in the society because we know all things happening in our surroundings we know from media and the things happening in any corner of the Earth we can know .
For example -we know the things happening in the whole world that where bomb blast is going etc. ,as -this time in Saudi Arabia.
We know about what the politicians are planning for developing the country also the news for the people who like watching movies so they get that news also from media .So in short ,media is very important in the society.
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                                ROLE OF MEDIA IN SOCITEY

Media play a great role in society  it explains something very smoothly

it shows the faults of the government,people etc media also shows ads that helps to keep our fashion and other updates is the best way to show news

like`-otv,zee news,ajjtak  .

 our  cricket can be seen live through a media

medias are- tv channels,news paper,radio etc medias also offer ad channels, cartoon channels,news channels,entertainment channels etc so,media plays an important role in our socitey .....