Minister of Education
27 August 2014
Respected Sir,
This is a report regarding the recent literacy programme which was done in a district. The details are as follows:
15 percent of the people of the district are illiterate. A need arises to arrange for the education of their children who are in danger of turning out to be illiterate too.
A sizeable chunk of the district lies unhygienic and highly polluted. This is because illiterates are not aware of hygiene. The health ministry also has the responsibility to step in and resolve the issue.    
85  percent of the people who are literate are contributing to the unhygienic of these places

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Subject : A report on the recently held literacy program during April - June 2014


   We have conducted sample surveys in the various villages and mandals as given in the list. We had been to every village and have interviewed personally the village heads and people. About 30 adults and 30 children were checked for their literacy- writing and reading skills.

   About 30,000 children and adults have been taught during the program. We could check with 100 samples of 60 each. That is a good representative sample. We found that they are able to read slowly. Many of them have begun reading newspaper and writing their home expenses and other details of their daily needs, in the note books we supplied them.

   From the statistics, about 80 % of the sample showed that they have been benefited from the program. This figure is very good and is high compared to the previous years number of 65% only.

yours sincerely
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