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Election is a formal process of selecting a person for proposition by voting. It is important to distinguish between the and the substance of election.
The role of elections is very essential for a country's development and its people to stay happy. Elections let the people to choose the person who can manage and help in the development of a country, state or even district.
Unfortunately in India elections are being managed with bribes, liquor, gifts to voters. This is not good. Poor people in villages look for elections because at that time, they get money for voting, attending party meetings.
Elections also ensure that one party does not monopolize its policies on people and become like dictatorship. They are the most important part of democracy. Success of elections and how elections are conducted in a country are watched by the neighboring countries, USA, Russia, china UNO etc. Elections give a chance to a capable person to represent people and candidates to come in touch with the people of their constituency.