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SAFE DRIVING-If we have to do safe driving we have to take seat belts.and we'll be safe.and in comdition we're driving and someone is calling us.we should not pick up the can crash us.the important calls we have to place the car in safe place.and then pick up calls.
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Safe driving is not only for driving car but also for riding bike because in car there will be Air Bag but in Bike this facility is not there so while riding Bike we must be care full and must follow the rules and regulations, going speed in Bike causes death and there will not be any Air Bag in Bike, and doing stunts in the Bike also causes death as we see daily in the News Paper and in Television........
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When we are driving we should not talk in phone as it can cause accident.We should use our seat belt it can prevent from accident .The most important thing while we are driving we should never be drunk it is very dangerous to drive when we are drunk .We should always follow the traffic rules .And while driving we should focus on driving not in any other things.