Now a days together the Indian people drive with very craziness but do know that this was very harmful also for him or her they are. Driving breaking the rules and they are fully not following the rules rules and then they all become very badly citizens and sometimes accidents also happens and the life us gone and the children get bad affect if this smdo we have ti drive carefully and bring honesty smobgselfs by nit breaking the rules thanks you
Human beings are very intelligent.they can do anything if they think to do has become very phones have almost changed our early times , we did not had such a advanced technology.we did not had telephones in those times.there was a lot of problems in communicating with others who are very far from us.

the only way was to write letters which is very difficult to post.we cannot inform any thing about our life very fast.we cannot tell our close ones about our problems very frequently.the posting of the letter takes very long.the time taken may be more than one week.this time period is very long.

then the telephone was invented.this invention of telephone made our lives a little more convinient . now , we can call any one we feel like only when we are in our houses.we can not carry the telephone with us which again leads to a great problem.we cannot contact any only when we need help if we are out of our houses.

finally the mobile phones were invented . now we can call any one we feel like . we can carry our mobile phones any where we want to .we can inform our daily updates to our close ones.we can share our feelings with them as well.
mobile phones have made our life very easy and convinient . now , we can call our close ones and also inform our daily updates.