In every TV crime serial there you will see the crime on children.......espicially on small children. Why? Why? Can't we stop it? Every one will say NO! But we can save children from crime. We can report it to police.

We children should remember these rules that if any stranger come towards us, we should ask that who are you?, from where you have came?, who has sent you. But if anyone tells no answer so make a password  with your parents that if any stranger comes what he/she should say. The password should be tough like perfume, bread, insect etc.

I only want to say that pls help the people in need............
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hildren are the future so if the children are good then India's future will be also good and if children are bad are crime children so then India's future will also be crime .so we have to make all children crime free and this will happen when all children will go to school and study ,they must be in the guidence of their parents and must be in good surroundings because their brain adopt everything going around in the surroundings so good surroundings means good child and a good nature .

so that's why crime free children of today crime free India of tomorrow.india a large our india totally free from social evils?that question pertains in most our minds.children of today grow up into citizens of that perspective yes crime free children of today leads to a crime free india of tomorrow.

freedom in  india has been both a boon and a curse.a boon ,yes it has freed us from the hands of the greedy british.a curse in the sense that the youth of the 21 century has misused our freedom and has lead their lives into disasters .drugs, abusive practices and family backgrounds have lead them into doing such ill practices. its time to stop all these and its high time they have realized such a thing,for a crime free india .