G= m1xm2    here g= gravitational constant                                                        
        r^2               m1 and m2 are the masses.
                                          and r is the distance between them.
 so g α 1/r^2. so when  r is halved the g becomes 4 times = 4x      
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 F\ =\ Gravity\ =\ x\ =\ \frac{GMm}{d^2} \\ \\ \ d\ is\ halved,\ then,\ F_1 = G M m \frac{1}{d/2)^2} = G M m \frac{4}{d^2} = 4 x \\

The Force or gravity becomes 4 times.

F=GMm/R2 M=m F=xX1/(1/2)2=4x ieF=4Times gravity
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