A report is a  first hand description of some incident event or situation that you saw  or of your own experience
general reports include
⇒news events
⇒new experiments
⇒business activities
salient features of a report(format)
⇒heading or title
⇒details of the incident
⇒extent of the happening
⇒opinion of the public
tips for writing a good report
⇒give a catchy heading at the top
⇒factual description
⇒use simple and meaningful language
⇒the content should answer the questions containing when,where,why,what,who and how
⇒last but not the least follow the format
hope it helps!

Minister of Education
27 August 2014
Respected Sir,
This is a report regarding the recent literacy programme which was done in a district. The details are as follows:
15 percent of the people of the district are illiterate. A need arises to arrange for the education of their children who are in danger of turning out to be illiterate too.
A sizeable chunk of the district lies unhygienic and highly polluted. This is because illiterates are not aware of hygiene. The health ministry also has the responsibility to step in and resolve the issue.    
85  percent of the people who are literate are contributing to the unhygienic of these places.