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You can have the hard disk removed and connected as an additional disk to another PC. When the system is on, then repair your data/save data. Then format it and restore the disk in your computer.

Or, get a windows bootable disk, windows repair disk. One can make it on another pc using the windows - to prepare system - bootable disk. If that is available, you can start your computer with it and if that works, well. you can save data and format the disk.

Or, get some disk that works on another pc. Get it Connected on your pc and repair your pc.

but i have a lptop so how to remove our hard disk
u have to visit a computer maintenance shop - if the laptop is under warranty - visit the related customer maintenance company - report problem via internet to that company giving laptop details.. otherwise one has to take it to a computer seller/maintenance
they won't fix such problems under warranty
Use an anti spyware or an anti malware software (if this dosen't work use cmd to search for suspicious files )your information can get leaked so on the firewall.If you want to remove it through cmd type the following:dir/ c > s -h *.* /s /d press enter > find the suspicious file.
sry window is corrupted so how to use cmd and anti spyware....
go to run and then type cmd
download an anti spy ware from the net
or paste all the data to your hard disk