India has somewhat adapted to modern times, but like most things in India, they accept it, modify it, and create their own interpretation of the theme. Take driving, for example.Imagine a place where bullocks mix freely with carts, cars, motorcycles, auto-rickshaws, cycle-rickshaws, pedestrians, buses, bicycles, bicycle carts, stray dogs, menacing trucks, scooters, wheelbarrows, and depending where you are, even elephants and camels. This place is India, and you quickly learn that driving is not the same here as elsewhere you've been! Driving does not necessarily mean automobiles, nor does is necessarily mean "order."The interesting fact is that--it (mostly) works! Though rules of the road are virtually absent, there is a universal "understanding," a visceral knowledge, that keeps things running. Driving in India is more a cerebral reflex than an orderly plan
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