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Now a days together the Indian people drive with very craziness but do know that this was very harmful also for him or her they are. Driving breaking the rules and they are fully not following the rules rules and then they all become very badly citizens and sometimes accidents also happens and the life us gone and the children get bad affect if this smdo we have ti drive carefully and bring honesty smobgselfs by nit breaking the rules thanks you
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Now a days indian people are not knowing the importance of life. many teenagers are driving fast on roads as they think it is heroism but it causes accidents and it leads to severe injuries and sometimes it may also leads to death. 
                             many members are not following traffic rules and minors are also driving and these are also the causes of accidents. some people
are drinking alcohol and driving on roads rashly,this is one of the reason for the cause of accidents.
                             accidents does not refers to one person but it may also cause others  members to suffer who met with an accident.the government should implement strict rules such that no one can abide traffic rules and accidents may also be declined.

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