Gret opening match between mexico and sa which ended 1-1 uruguay and france tied 1-1 the same day france was defeated by south africa and mexico later in that world cup while uruguay defeated mexico and sa thus advancing mexico and uruguay as 1st to the 2nd round                                                                                        
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FIFA world cup is organised after every 4 years . In 2010 it was held in South Africa . And this was the time for Brazil and people all over the were waiting for it to start .  
             Total 32 countries all over the world takes part in the tournament and the World cup eve is enjoyed by the whole world . Last time in 2010 the champions were SPAIN and this time in 2014 another European giants GERMANY won it after beating Leo Messi ' s Argentina in finals.
              And when the  World cup ended the countdown began every football fans for 4 years and are waiting  for it to stat again in 2018 in Russia.
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