younger sister has a habit of not switching off the lights and fans when she
leaves a room. You are very concerned about the environment and want to convince
her to change her habit. Write a dialogue where you share your views on
conserving electricity. Give her some
information about how much her effort would help. Take about ten turns.



Hei, conserve enery,it is a most important resourse in our life .we should conserve it, and teach others about energy conservationso,now onwards u should save it.
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thanks,i like ur answer.....
thanks,i like your answer.....
Listen, all ready everybody is wasting water, cutting down trees and wasting paper..etc so now at least do not waste electricity because like some people say that there would not be any water left after some years like that same can happen to electricity. Our parents pay bills upon bills for electricity and now the money is going high and high because of we people, so you better save electricity
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