Early life of Harsha
The founder of the family of Harsha was Pushyabhuti.Pushyabhutis were the feudatories of the Guptas. They called themselves Vardhanas. After the Hun invasions they assumedindependence. The first important king of Pushyabhuti dynasty wasPrabhakaravardhana. His capital was Thaneswar, north of Delhi.He assumed the title Maharajadhiraja and Paramabhattaraka.After Prabhakaravardhana’s death, his elder son Rajyavardhana came to the throne. He had to face problems rightfrom the time of his accession. His sister, Rajyasri had married theMaukhari ruler called Grihavarman. The ruler of Malwa, Devaguptain league with Sasanka, the ruler of Bengal had killed Grihavarman.Immediately on hearing this news, Rajyavardhana marched againstthe king of Malwa and routed his army. But before he could returnto his capital, he was treacherously murdered by Sasanka. In themeantime, Rajyasri escaped into forests. Harsha now succeededhis brother at Thaneswar. His first responsibility was to rescue hissister and to avenge the killings of his brother and brother-in-law.He first rescued his sister when she was about to immolate herself.