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Displacement is the vector - arrow connecting the current position of the body with the origin or initial position. It tells how far we are / the body is from the initial position and it tells also about in which direction the body is.  It depends on the current position.

Velocity:  It is the rate of change of position, displacement in time.  means how fast the distance from origin, initial position is changing. This is also a vector and its direction is the change of displacement. In other words, the vector connecting final position and initial position will give the direction of velocity.

Acceleration: One may travel with uniform speed, it is easy to understand. But when I start a vehicle and travel with a speed of 40 kmph, there is a duration of increase of speed from 0 to 40kmph. This is caused by the Force/torque supplied by the engine. Due to the force/torque an acceleration is generated, that is the rate of change of velocity.
Acceleration is in the direction of change of velocity. When a vehicle is going north from south and is slowing down, velocity is towards North and acceleration is in direction of South

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Displacement : The shortest distance measured from initial to the final position of an object is known as displacement. It is vector quantity. For example you are travelling in a straight path from A to B. The point C is somewhere in the middle of these two points. Now after reaching B you come back to C. Now total distance travelled is A,B,C. But the displacement is AC.
Velocity : Velocity is the total displacement covered by an object moving in a definite direction. It is a vector quantity.
Acceleration : It is the rate of change of velocity of a moving object.
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Velocity is vector quantity
sorry velocity is a vector quantity
velocity is the speed of an object ,moving in a definite direction.
acceleration is change in velocity per unit time.