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India's heroes is an anonymous story about the reaction of different people in difficult situation. It deals with terrorist attack on Mumbai on November 26 2008 and sings of the unsung heroes, who contributed immensely in time of danger to save others. The character sketch of any to unsung heroes are: 1. Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan: He was a 31 year old National Security Guard ( NSG) commando.He was an NSG commando ,who made extraordinary contribution by sacrificing his own life to save the lives of others. He had made up his mind at the age of 8 in class 3 to become a soldier. He went alone to fight after seeing one of his commando injured. This shows us his selflessness and caring for others. 2. Sandra Samuel: She was an Indian nanny who saved Moshe during the Mumbai terrorist attack when nariman house was attacked. But unfortunately both Moshe's parents were killed in the attack. Her act is selfless and quiet heroic. Note: You can add few more topics about unnikrishnan being deployed to clear taj hotel. I couldn't mention completely due to lack of time.
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