The main reason of conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy is the generation of electricity which further supports our daily life.For eg:
in a reservoir of a dam ,the water has potential energy which when falls from a great heights gets converted into kinetic energy and this water rotates the turbine thus generating electrical energy.
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i want machinacal to kinetic energy
mechanical energy is of two types: kinetic and potential energy.
Tithi - can u explain the principle in conversions please

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The principle is called Electro magnetic Induction. We define the number of magnetic field lines passing through a surface area as magnetic flux Ф. When the magnetic flux through a conductor wire loop changes then an emf (and hence electric current) is induced (generated) in the loop:

d Ф / dt  =  - ∈ = electro motive force
           = voltage difference across the ends of conductor.

This emf drives current through the loop as  I = ∈ / Load Resistance

This principle is the Michael Faraday's Principle of Magnetic Induction.

In a generator, there is a cylindrical rotor. Around it a rectangular coil wire is wound (a large number of turns). This rotor is rotated by water falling on a big wheel with wide blades. The rotor is kept in the middle of big permanent magnets. When the coil rotates, the magnetic flux passing through the rectangular area enclosed by the coil changes with time. That causes a voltage across the ends of the coil. Then this voltage is stepped up by using transformers and distributed.