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Mendel researched about the evolution and the importance and changes of genes. He did his experiments with the garden pea plant  PISUM SATIVUM.He made these plant plants to cross each other or to fertilize resulting in 1st and 2nd generations.Due to his experiments we can understand the inheritance of characters through denerations and about the dominant and weak characters.
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How would appreciate "Alfred Russel Wallace" contribution towards structural selection
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The most important features of a society are its economic classes and their relations to each other in
the modes of production of each historical epoch.
2. A class is defined by the relations of its members to the means of production.
3. Under capitalism, the capitalists own the means of production, the proletariat own only their capacity
to work. Landlords rule the land, and the peasants are less significant than workers and are trapped in
the idiocy of rural life. The proletariat definitely includes those who produce objects in factories with
their hands, but Marxists dither about whether it includes people who work with their minds but are
employees and live by their salaries.