1) Why does fish die when taken out of water?
2) Differentiate between Cryptogams and Phenerogams.
3) Give any four characteristics of phylum Arthropoda.
4) Enlist any four characteristics of Kingdom fungi.
5) Classify the following into kingdoms - Spirogyra, Funeria, fern, coconut, Ulothrix, Riccia.



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1A like all other living creatures fish too need oxygen to breathe. fish get their supply of oxygen from water.they take water into their mouth which passes through its gills. a fish's gills works only in water this is why most fishes die out of water
some fishes can survive when taken out from water example
climbing perch and lungfish
3A the segmented are arranged into regions,called tagmata like head,abdomen,thorax etc
the paired appendages(legs,antennae) are jointed
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They die due to the lack of oxygen and water

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