Father : son what u want to become when u grow up ?
son : i want to become a doctor dad 
father : oh thats good but u have to work hard
son :sure dad i will . 
father : serving people is really good :D
son: thats  y i choose this job dad 
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Father: son why dont you plan your career ?
son:I don't want to
father:but why ?your grown are still not a kid my boy.
son:yes dad I"ll try to plan it.
father:so,what are you planning to do so?
son:am actually intrested to become a doctor.
father:I think it's risky and tough my boy.
son:No dad if we do it with determination and dedication it's possible
father:yes ,my boy the answer which I wanted from you is this
son:OK dad I''ll try my best to achieve my goal.
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