F :  son u r sweating . on the fan .
s : no power dad .
f : oh its the biggest problem.
s : i got scolding from my teacher dad.
f : y ?
s : i didnt do my hw.
f : y?
s : no power dad .
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Father just came home from office
father  its so hot. son pls switch the fan on.
son     I can't. there's no power.
father  oh i see. have u done your hw.
son     no.
father  why?
son     there was no light. power hasn't come for hours.
father   this frequently going power is a big headache.
son      can't we report it?
father   no use son. there just will be some disscusion and thats all. the                 government is so careless.
son      hmm....... then... i'll study with the oil lamp then.
father    better. i'll have to make a paper fan i guess.
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