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Nowadays mobiles plays a very important role in every ones life..all are using mobiles..They are addicted to them..before the accessibility of mobiles
human relations are very close to one another.they maintain their relationships in a proper manner..they have time to spend with their family members.they will enjoy a lot.they will share their feelings with each other...but after the accessibility of mobiles people are introvert by nature..they talk unnecessary  with their friends or they time to spend with their proper relationships between each other...
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Human relations before the accessibility of Mobile Phones, wasn't very good but we had many other systems of delivering Our messages.
They Were:

1>Through Post-Cards
2>By Telegrams
3>By Trained Pigeons (Very Old-Traditional Way)

Let me start from The First System- (Through Post Cards)
Post cards were made a way back Around 1800s, at that time, only rich people could afford to send a Post Card to their Relatives, Friends etc.
It was used by Dictators, Kings etc. 

2>Through Telegrams
Telegrams were made at the starting of 1900s, They weren't too costly, and on the other hands they were More effective than the Posting Services of that time.
Telegrams reached people in somewhat 3-5 days, And post cards used to take months to reach. So we can regard Telegrams as the 2nd Generation on Multimedia Communication.

3> Through Trained Pigeons
It is a very old method of delivering our messages to our loved ones. This was the first way which we could comuunicate with people living far from us, In this method, as the name suggests, People, Trained pigeons to send messages to their loved ones. Pigeons were trained in such a way that they could send the messages to the desired person, it should be delivered to. We can call this as First Generation Of communication :)

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