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It is very useful for India as a whole. For a long time, there have been considerations for introducing dual citizenship. But, it has been decided that single citizenship is better.

Single citizenship means Indian citizens cannot be citizens of another country. Citizens of other countries can not take Indian citizenship. If they could become dual citizens, India could progress from businessmen, investors, scientists, and well wishers all over the world. This what we expect. Also, the dual citizens can move freely in and out of India. Also, foreign nationals cannot participate in elections, stand in elections, become a government official or minister etc.

But for the last many years India has been facing terrorism from other members of other countries. In the business line too, India has faced partiality and exploitation from external influences. India is envied by many countries and there are forces to exploit India from economic and security point of view. If citizens of other countries are allowed to become MLA, MP, ministers and PM, imagine the impact on Indian economy, security and future of Indian citizens. There were many instances where people would exploit the benefits extended to them and misuse them.

Thus Indian government chose to have single citizenship. For the benefit of people of Indian origin, India introduced many facilities for their movement and needs, so that they really do not need dual citizenship.

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