Q] Choose one option for each.
1) The appendages used by bacteria to attach to one another are
a) cilia b) flagella c) pilli d) mesosomes

2) Bacteria that derive their energy by fermentation and for whom oxygen is lethal are called
a) aerobes b) anaerobes c) facultative aerobes d) obligate anaerobes

3) Cyanobacteria are
a) photoheterotrophs b) photoautotrophs c) chemoautotrophs d) chemoheterotrophs

4) Viruses are
a) unicellular b) acellular c) coenocytes d) protein particles

5) Mitochondria contain elementary particles called
a) ribosomes b) spherosomes c) E.T.P d) peroxisomes

6) In an eukaryotic cell, glycolysis takes place within
a) the ER b) the nucleus c) the cytosol d) the mitochondrion

7) In a plant cell, the light reactions of photosynthesis takes place in
a) cytosol b) leucoplasts c) E.R. d) chloroplasts



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1) c) 
2) b) 
3) c) 
4) b) 
5) c)
6) c)
7) d)
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1) c) pilli
2) b) anaerobes
3) c) photoautotrophs 
4) b) acellular
5) c) E.T.P
6) c) cytosol
7) d) chloroplasts
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