Q] Choose one option for each
1) A Polypeptide is assembled on a
a) nuclear pore b) nuclear membrane c) DNA molecule d) ribosome

2) The "recipe" for constructing each enzyme is located within the
a) DNA molecules b) ribosomes c) polysomes d) ribosomal RNA molecules

3) The exact replication of DNA is possible due to
a) the genetic code b) mitosis c) the double helix d) the base pairing rules

4) Mitochondria are found in
a) only plant cells b) only animal cells c) all cells d) eukaryotic cells

5) The network of threadlike structure present in the nucleus is called
a) Nucleoplasm b) Nucleolus c) Chromatin d) Chromosomes

6) An eukaryotic cell which lacks mitochondria is
a) WBC b) RBC c) Sperm d) Epidermal cell

7) The organelle which is not bounded by two unit membrane is
a) ER b) lysosome c) chloroplast d) mitochondrion

8) Plant virus contains
a) DNA b) RNA c) ATP d) enzymes

9) Smaller cell, the
a) larger will be the nucleus b) smaller will be the nucleus
c) lees it will be active metabolically d) more will it be active metabolically

10) The most abundant element present in the protoplasm is
a) Nitrogen b) Hydrogen c) Carbon d) Oxygen



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Well, these could possibly be
1  D
2  A
3  a
4  D
5  D
6) RBC
8) b
9) b
and d 10) hydrogen or oxygen. there are more of Hydrogen atoms and O is the heavier element present.

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