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CCP had fought militarily with soldiers against ruling KMT. INC fought mainly using the non-violence and non-cooperation. But there are some similarities.

They gained sympathies of people due to atrocities of KMT in China and of British in India.

CCP conducted protest rallies like INC did in India.

INC and CCP took problems to the peasants, villages and convinced people. They had secured a large public support in time and had a large membership of people.

INC is based up on (federal) democratic way of functioning. CCP is influenced totally by communism.

CCP and INC have set up many laws for women welfare, the uplifting and gender equality in the society.

INC set up the public sectors to favor development and to protect industry. CCP retained control of major sectors and helped growth.

CCP and INC are the largest national political parties in their countries. CCP has no opposition in the true sense. INC has to deal with opposition parties.
For a long time they had no strong opposition.

Both parties had given a lot of importance to technological and scientific development in the countries. They have increased some foreign participation in their country.

For a long time congress also functioned like CCP, but INC favored many capitalists and supported them.

Both worked for freeing people from rulers and giving them better life.