An essay on celebration of ganesh chaturthi at our house,... it should contain content with the significance of the festival

what do u basically need
caus ive celebrated ganesh chaturti many times as i lived in Andra Pradesh before
...........and i can ans ur Ques u answering my Q's regarding ur Ques
the festivals significance , and the way u celebrate it would do,...


according to the hindu religion,puja vidhi successfully you need to clean the entire hous...before the lord arives you should go cleaning the room or any other lace where ganesh will be housed..on the day of ganesh chaturthi you shouls have a bath and go for bringing home lord ganesha with fervor among family...recite ganesha shlokas to welcome in your homeonce the idol is is bset to chant a shlokas that are included in the Rig veda to invoke ganeshinto the shold always be careful to follow al the puja vidhi properly..
to perform puja properly,most of the people call pandits who are well-known about all the can also perform this puja on your own after knowing all the vidhi.....

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