Hello, I'm a potato. My journey of life is not much big and long but I came from distance. I took birth in the warm and peaceful mother earth, at that time I was just a small seed. The farmer gave me water everyday. After sometime my shoot began to grow slowly with a green and small leaf. For the first time I saw the world around me and it was too much fascinating! Day by day the farmer gave me several nutrition and water for my healthy growth. After a month I was a fully grown potato to be harvested. I didn't wanted to separate from earth but I had to! The farmer took me out and transported me to a big place which was looking like a market. From there I was taken to a huge mall. Several people came looked at me but none of them took me to their home. After a long wait A woman came and bought me. I went to her home with her, which was nicely furnished. After sometime the women washed me thoroughly with hot water, it was nice! Then she peeled my skin off, which was a little bit painful but I managed to rid it away. Then she sliced me in oval shapes and sprinkled salt and some other ingredients and put me in the fryer. It was a nice hot place. But my journey was over!  
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